Tail Butt Plugs


Looking for an animal tail butt plug? Are you a kinky fox? A nice doggy? A kitten? You’re in the right place–we have the best selection and unbeatable prices.

What kind of tail plug are you looking for? We have the butt plug for you. There’s an incredible variety of tail plugs available–we’ve gone out of our way to assemble the widest variety possible. Our plugs ship straight from the factory, which keeps them affordable–we believe that everyone should be able to wear the beautiful butt plug of their dreams.

Whether you’ve been in the petplay lifestyle for years, or you’re new and just dabbling in a bit of DDLG kink on the weekends, it’s important that you truly feel like you can be yourself in your fur costume. Choose a tail butt plug that reflects your personality–you want your master to understand who you truly are. A good master will be able to train you into an obedient and caring animal–many masters choose the tail and collar for their pet.

If you are a master, look no further–we have the best selection and will be able to satisfy any of your carnal desires. Make sure to get one that you feel an attachment towards. Everyone has their own kind of butt plugs that they like the most, and it’s important that your anal experience feels special.

Fox Tail Butt Plugs

Do you want to experience excellent foreplay? The Fox Tail Butt Plugs are one of the best sex products for you! You can achieve a high level of orgasm due to the quality of the fox tail. Your cold nights would never be the same in using this sex device.

You can be naughty and kinky at the same time. Give your partner an empowering pleasure that you wouldn’t forget. The fox tail can level up any user’s fantasies to the extreme. You can gain satisfaction every time you use the sex device.

Perfect for You to Achieve Excellent Orgasm

Who says that anal pleasure isn’t that good? Give your partner a sure treat she would never forget. The fox tail butt plug gives a perfect stimulation that results in a pleasurable release. Imagine the possibilities you can do with this sex product, and you would be happy to try it.

Let your naughty side have fulfillment in using a fox tail plug. For sure, you would like the fun and thrill it offers you. Don’t let the fun time slip from your fingers. This sex product can make you moan with pleasure the easy way.

Slender for Beginners

Are you excited to try something new? Your bedroom can be your playground when it comes to pleasure. The Fox Tail Butt Plugs are thin that makes it easy to insert on your butt. The slender feature is perfect for an easy and soothing pleasure that makes you scream with delight.

Once you insert it, the fun begins nonstop. You can use it alone or with your partner. A col evening wouldn’t be dull anymore. You have assurance that a pleasurable time would be complete.

Tampered Design to Match Your Standards

You can be a gentleman in a sweet and naughty way. The Fox Tail Butt Plugs suits your pleasurable needs at once. You can take it slowly but assures pleasure.

The design also offers you the following:

  • An attractive and fluffy way to maximize your sexual pleasure
  • An easy insertion that provides comfort and  satisfaction
  • Great pleasurable moment that you would enjoy

Be Prepared and Think Dirty

The Fox Tail Butt Plugs gives an orgasm that you would never forget.  But, you have to take it slow. Don’t rush things for you to give yourself a great time. You think dirty and prepare the sex device.

You take the pleasurable moment with you all the time. Give the Fox Tail Butt Plugs a try today!

Set an Easy Arousal

Before you take anal action, you first need to heat up. Let the Fox Tail Butt Plugs aid you in achieving pleasure you aim to have.  How can you do it? Well, you can do a little foreplay until you heat up.  The arousal makes insertion much easier.

Be proud every time you insert the Fox Tail Butt Plug in your butt. The pleasure and enjoyment would be yours as you scream in bed. You always have the reason to enjoy and have fun before bedtime. So, you set up your mood first for you to achieve an excellent result.

Lube Up and Don’t Feel Sorry 

Do you want to have an easy insertion process of the fox tail butt plugs? Here’s your chance to do it. You can move like a pro by using lubricants to heat up. The lubricants give you an easy way to enjoy every moment in bed.

Don’t worry because the insertion would be comfortable and easy for you. All you have to do is enjoy the pleasurable moment until you can. You take the chance now and experience an enjoyable time in bed.

Have Fun and Enjoy

You give yourself an animalistic fun by using Fox Tail Butt Plugs. You can enjoy good, exotic fun as you use this sex device.  You’ll achieve a pleasurable time that you’ll be happy to remember. You can ease and make your sex life to the extreme with this product. Come now and see the difference it gives in your sex life.

You can have fun and enjoy in the best way you could. It all happens with easy insertion that gives a highly pleasurable effect.

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