Fox Tail Butt Plugs

Are you a little fox looking for a perfect fox tail butt plug? We have the biggest selection at the best prices.

Fox tail butt plugs are one of the more popular sex toys in 2018 – they are both cute and frisky, and fun for literally anyone. Whether you like petplay or you’re into DDLG, there’s always a place in your bedroom shenanigans for an elegant fox tail.

We pride ourselves on the widest selection of fox tails on the market today. We have both regular (real) fur, and faux fur, to cater to any desires or needs. You’ll find tails from long to short, blonde to brown, and everything in between.

Most people find the first time they use fox tail plugs to be a little tricky–it takes some practice to properly lube it up and get it into your rectum. That’s why we suggest that you use our anal training kits to practice. Get warmed up, try to relax your anus, and use PLENTY of lube. You really can’t use too much.

It’s also important that you care for your tail plug correctly. Make sure not to get it wet, and don’t share plugs between partners. Practice safe anal play!

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