Faux Fur Tails

Keep your kink ethical!

These tails (like the vast majority of our collection) are 100% artificial, but still have the signature fluffiness and style that you’d expect from a beautiful fox tail.

All these faux fur tails are totally free of animal products, so you can be sure you’re the only pet involved in your play.

No matter what kind of petplay you’re into, we have a faux fox tail butt plug to suit your needs. Most faux fur tails are made of a plastic polymer material–but all of them are ethically sourced, and no animals were harmed in their creation.

You’ll find tails that closely resemble the real thing. You’ll also find tails here that make no effort at all to be like regular, real-life fox tails, and that’s nice too! It’s only with faux fur that you can be the perfect unicorn of your dreams, running around like a frisky unicorn during your sexual escapades.

As usual, we offer free + discreet worldwide shipping, and give 10% of profits to charity. What are you waiting for? Get foxy now!

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