32″ Super Long Fox Tail Butt Plug

32″ Super Long Fox Tail Butt Plug

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One of our favorite customers had this to say about this sexy plug:

Quietly I sit on my computer searching for a anal plug that would hit the floor and yet be so pretty with color and pleasure. I found a site I could spend my check on and a 32 inches super long fox tail caught my eye. white, soft looking and ready to be bought. I bit my lip and squealed for joy. the payment sent and boy I was excited. the package arrived and I was ready to try it in. as I got it lubed and ready I asked my dominate to help. as he inserted the plug inside I moaned and got wet. the plug fit perfectly and the prettiest white tail hit the floor behind me. I was in love more than ever. the tail made me happy. perfect to sit on perfect to walk with inside amazing pleasure and amazingly perfectly perfect to take pictures with. fits under my skirt or a tshirt. even stays in while I run back and forth in the house excited for playtime with my master. he can give it a small tug and makes the night get even better. the length drives me crazy cause it can curl up in my lap and I can pet it and my stress freeee! most amazing anal plug tail i’ve ever gotten!

Seems irresistible, right? This is a VERY hot deal and it’s not going to last long! As always, we donate 10% of all profits to RAINN, and ship in super-discreet packaging. We also have a 45-day money back guarantee. Order now! xoxo

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