4 Color Short Fox Tail Butt Plug

4 Color Short Fox Tail Butt Plug

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One of our best customers had this to say about this sexy plug:

So lets gets this one like totally clear this plug is really comfy! Easy to put in! The colors are very bright and the fur is super soft! For any pets in the BDSM community would best fit like kittens, bunnies and puppies (maybe a few others that I can’t name) but fits a lot of different breeds. The fur is soft so every time you have it in it tickles but feels amazing. The way the plug is formed is very exotic, pleasurable and easy to clean!  Not everyone may want to try this but if you wanna jump the line and try something new other than your regular plug or maybe a new thing to be addicted to go for this one for sure! This is the perfect amount of sexy that gets the nerves jumping for the excitement of something new that you are willing to try during your petspace, playtime or just being you around the bedroom or maybe out in public when no one know. wink wink. Honestly I love putting it in the freezer and having it in cold as ice with the tingle in my spine. Sometimes my Dom puts it in cause he loves it too

 Seems irresistible, right? This is a VERY hot deal and it’s not going to last long! As always, we donate 10% of all profits to RAINN, and ship in super-discreet packaging. We also have a 45-day money back guarantee. Order now! xoxo

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Anal Sex Toys

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4 colors



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