20″ Blonde Pony Tail Butt Plug

20″ Blonde Pony Tail Butt Plug

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Be the little pony you’ve always wanted to be with this beautiful pony plug!

One of our favorite customers wrote this tantalizing story about this plug.

I guarantee it will make you want it right now.

Your heart raced in your chest, the beating akin to a drum, thundering in your head and throbbing between bare thighs.

The concept of pet play had always intrigued you; a part of the lifestyle that both enticed you and made you feel a sense of embarrassment to admit you wanted to explore.

When you had mentioned it to Him, he smirked, eyes twinkling with amusement and full acceptance as he nodded and simply said “soon”.

Soon quickly became today.

You sat as you had been trained – on your knees, palms on thighs, head up, eyes down, and waited for Him to arrive. You focused not on the moments that passed like hours, but instead on your breathing, hoping to steady it.

Anticipation sped through you like a drug, making your head swim as you wondered what surprises this night would hold. It took every fiber of your being not to jump to your feet the moment the bedroom door slid open and his form darkened the doorway.

A soft click told you the door was closed. His presence filled the room as he did his rounds, inspecting your form, a ritual that started every scene. “Eyes up”. Two words and barely a breath after your eyes rose to his hands; an opened box no doubt holding the expected surprise. “You’re always such a good little girl, aren’t you?”

You respond quickly. “Yes Daddy.” His hands caress the cardboard, for a moment before he pulls the flaps back and holds on display for you something that makes you gasp. Long, flowing tendrils of soft synthetic hair, shiny and glistening, in your favorite color, which also happened to be his favorite for you – pink.

“Present yourself.” You swallow hard and bend forward, face to the cool hardwood floor and your pliant ass in the air.

“You’ve always had a love for cartoons,” his voice is smooth but holds that amused lilt that makes you instantly wet.

“I wonder how much you will enjoy being ~my~ little pony.”

Told you! Get yours today!

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