Rainbow Fox Tail Butt Plug

Rainbow Fox Tail Butt Plug

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This beautiful rainbow plug will get you into fox or unicorn space quicker than you could get to the end of the rainbow!

One of our customers wrote us this kinky story about it–it’ll make you want it right away!

“Mistress may we have play time now?” The curious little wondered.

They had been on punishment for days now, no playtime for 3 days.

After constantly being a brat, and being caught playing their princess parts without Mistress’ permission.

“Have you done your chores? I’ve noticed you’ve been in pet space all day have you been a good pet for me?”

“Yes Mistress. My chores are all done. I’ve been good I promise.”

“Oh my love since you’ve been so good you can pick your toy today.”

Mistress was feeling generous and wanted to reward her little pet for being so good and taking their punishment like a good pet should.

“Thank you mistress.”

They thanked their mistress and walked to the playroom.

Looking at all of their wonderful toys, their eyes landed on the rainbow tail plug. It held a lot of memories.

It was the first toy Mistress and pet had bought together and they could stop blushing when they searched the online store with Mistress.

“My pet I see you haven’t picked one out yet, do you need help?” Mistress walked in and stared.

“No Mistress I have,” they said, picking up the rainbow tail plug and holding it for Mistress to see.

“Good start my pet.” Mistress said while fondling her Pet.

As always, we donate 10% of all profits to RAINN , and ship in super-discreet packaging . We also have a 45-day money back guarantee.

Order now! xoxo


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