Rose Flower Wand

Rose Flower Wand

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This beautiful flower wand is suited for any occasion! It’s made of medical-grade Pyrex so you know it’s high-quality.

One of our best customers had this to say about it:

“Is my boy ready for walkies?” Owner called to her pet. Quick as lightning her pet, runs to her and kneels in front of her, as Owner put the leather lead on. Pet made sounds of excitement, he was completely nude, but owner had a dress and a hand bag. Owner opened the door to the back garden of their house, it had high fences and covered by trees. There were bushes in the garden as well as trees, and lines of flowers. Owner stepped out first and tugged pet behind her, once out and he door closed, she said “sit” to pet, and he did. Owner undid the leash, leaving the collar on, “how excited are we to go outside?” she said to him. He barked loudly and was full of enthusiasm. “Go, behave like an animal” Owner commanded pet. He did as he was told, sniffing the grass, the trees and bushes.

Pet was so excited he had to pee, but he knew he could only go on certain bushes, and this wasn’t one of them. But he was so desperate, he checked to see if Owner was looking, before urinating. “Bad boy, not in that bush!!” Owner began to shout, “You know the rules!” She began to walk over with a look of anger on her face. “We’ve been over this 100 times, not in this bush, you bag boy. You bad pet!” she shouted at him. Pet looked up at owner and made sounds of sorrow and sounds of “I’m sorry”. Owner looked at pet in the eye and said, if you want to be a bad boy, you get punished. She pulled him out into the grass and put him on all fours. Now, “here is you’re punishment, pet” she pulled the Rose Flower Wand out of her bag, and showed it to him. “You want to piss on my bushes? I’ll shove a flower up your arsehole, and you’re going to like it”. She then went behind him and lubed up pet’s arsehole as well as the flower wand.

Owner gave no warning, she shoved the Glass Flower Wand straight up his arsehole and repeatedley did so. “Are you going to piss on those bushes again pet?” she shouted to pet. “No, I promise, I won’t Owner”. She continued to shoved the Roser Flower Wand into his arsehole, and took one of pets hands and made him put it on his hard erect penis. “Now, I want you to rub yourself, and I’m going to keep fucking you, because hopefully then, you’ll learn something. And you better cum” she said to pet. “Yes Owner” he replied with, The wand felt so good in his arse, the glass was so smooth and the rose hit his g spot, repeatedly. Fuck how can this feel so good, pet thought; fuck I love Roses.

Doesn’t that make you want one? Get yours now!

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2 reviews for Rose Flower Wand

  1. Customer

    Hello I got the product. Perfectly packed. Thank you. It was almost 1 month.

  2. Kaity

    As a sex toy collector I am really satisfied with the item. Arrived to Norway after 8 days after order was placed and got to my house 12 days after order was placed.(because we don’t get mail in the weekends) Well packaged in a red box covered in bubble wrap, the item itself was in a plastic bag. Haven’t tried out the item yet, but it photographs well. I’m glad the pink part wasn’t as dark as on the picture and it wasn’t matte looking like the picture. I also got a condom with as a gift. Highly recommend and will order from this seller again.

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